A-La-Carte Calligraphy Pricing (Does not include the cost of paper or envelopes.)


Outer envelope 

$6.00 per envelope

Inner Envelope (1 line) 

$2.00 per envelope

Place / escort cards (1 name - base price) 

$1.50 per card

Gift Tags / name tags

$2.00 each

contact me for invitation package pricing!

All packages include:

*Custom Invitation design 


*envelope calligraphy

Our goal is to make your beautiful wedding vision come to life in the easiest way possible!

Additional Charges


Extra flourishing

$1.00 per envelope

Custom ink / color matching  

$10.00 one-time set-up fee

Black and white are free

Dark or Lined envelopes (guidelines must be drawn)

$1.00 per envelope

Additional lines of text

$1.00 each line


For other pieces such as letters, poems, vows, menus, signage, gift tags, table numbers, guestbook, etc., please contact me directly for pricing.

Design Process

I look forward to collaborating with you and making your special event or project a beautiful one!!  

photos, magazine pages, Pinterest pages, swatches and any other inspirational pieces that will help me understand your vision are always helpful.


Every piece of calligraphy or I create for you is a thoughtful, artistic endeavor.  I carefully plan and execute each piece.  There may be slight variations on each written piece which adds to the custom and beautiful nature of the art form.

I will use an ink or gouache that is compatible with the envelope and paper provided.  Some 
paper and ink combinations work well together and others do not.   I prefer to receive a sample
envelope from the client for ink testing.  After the sample is approved and all stationery is received by French Pen, work will begin on your project.


The guidelines above are a general description of my working process.  We will discuss details and timelines specific to your event at our consultation.